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Etiquette Of The Learner : Ibn Jama'ah, Abridgement of Tadhkirat (Imam Badr Ad-Din Ibn Jama'ah al-Kinani)

Etiquette Of The Learner : Ibn Jama'ah, Abridgement of Tadhkirat (Imam Badr Ad-Din Ibn Jama'ah al-Kinani)

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ISBN: 9781906949433
Author: Imam Badr Ad-Din Ibn Jama'ah al-Kinani
Publisher: Turath Publishing (2016)
Pages: 105 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Etiquette of the learner is a work extracted from Qadi Ibn Jama’ah’s major contribution to the literature of adab: Tadhkirat as-Sami wa'l-Mutakallim fi Adab al-'Alim wa'l-Muta'allim (A Memorandum to the Listener and the Speaker on the Etiquette of the Scholar and the Learner).

Through it, he provided a detailed guide for both students and teachers to follow in order to bring their endeavors in line with the example depicted in Qur'an and sunnah.

Whether they are embarking upon the rigorous quest in pursuit of command of the Islamic sciences, or simply seeking to enhance their understanding of the religion, this work will impress upon readers the indispensable but oft-forgotten principle: etiquette comes before seeking knowledge, thus enabling them to truly benefit from their studies.

This abridged version of the text is aimed specifically at students of knowledge, focusing on the etiquette required for one to excel.

About The Author

Imam Badr ad-Din Ibrahim ibn Sa’d Allah ibn jama’ah al-Kinani was an eminent scholar of hadith, Jurisprudence and Qur’anic exegesis.

Born in 639 AH/1241 in Hama, he went on to become a distinguished Shafii jurist under the Mamluks. Throughout his lengthy service in the judiciary, he was Known for his virtuousness, praiseworthy conduct, and just rulings.

He passed away in 733AH/1333 in Cairo. His works include: Al-Manhar ar-Rawi, Al-Fawaid al-La'i'ah min Surat al-Fatihah,At-Tibyan li-Muhimmat al-Qur’an, Al-Masalik fi Ulum al-Manasik and An-Najm al-Lami fi Sharh Jam’ al-Jawami.


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