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What the Living Can Do for the Dead (Dr. Shahrul Hussain)

What the Living Can Do for the Dead (Dr. Shahrul Hussain)

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ISBN: 9781933764146
Author: Dr Shahrul Hussain
Publisher: White Thread Press
Pages: 175 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

According to the Qur'an and Sunna and the Opinions of the Classical Scholars of Islam

This is a detailed; yet easily accessible; manual on what to do when someone dies. It covers the procedures due upon a person's death. The rites of preparing the body for burial; the bathing; the shrouding; and the procedure for funeral prayer; according to all four Sunni schools; are discussed. Many important questions are answered.

Is it permitted to transport the body abroad for burial?Can a headstone be placed on the grave?What can the heirs do for their deceased loved ones after burial?What are the etiquette for visiting graves?Is the posthumous donation of reward (isal al-thawab) permissible?Finally; how does one make atonements and expiations and settle debts on behalf of the deceased?

The Author

Dr. Shahrul Hussain is a graduate of the University of Al-Azhar; Cairo. He completed his traditional Islamic education (dars-i nizami) at Birmingham's first Islamic School; Darul Uloom al-Islamiyyah al-Arabiyyah. He is the Chair of Directors of the Abrahamic Foundation and a lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute for Higher Education; in partnership with Newman University Birmingham. He lectures in Qur'an and hadith studies and Islamic theology and jurisprudence. He has particular research interests in international Islamic law and contemporary Islamic jurisprudence.


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