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Jewels of the Ahlul Bayt Volume 1 : The Virtues of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (r.a.)  (Luqman al-Andalusi)

Jewels of the Ahlul Bayt Volume 1 : The Virtues of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (r.a.) (Luqman al-Andalusi)

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ISBN: 9780692457023
Author: Luqman al-Andalusi
Publisher: Jawahir Media
Pages: 176 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is the first Volume in a series of three in relation to the family of the Messenger of Allah ?. The books encompass as much sound knowledge as possible on the lives of these great figures. The Series in itself is called the Jewels of the Ahlul Bayt.

This first Volume will speak more specifically in regard to the Virtues of Amir al-Muminin 'Ali ibn Abi Talib.

The sections go through a chronological journey through the life of Ali ibn Abi Talib. They explain how our master entered Islam through the blessed hands of the Prophet Muhammad ?; his belief system; his life in Mecca; the Hijrah to the city of Madinah al-Munawarrah; his blessed marriage to Sayyidah Fatima az-Zahra; the births of Imams Hasan and Husayn; his glory in battle; the influence of his knowledge among the Companions of the Prophet;. his journey to Allah through his recitation of the Quran and his love of it. All being teachings strictly supervised under the guidance of the Messenger of Allah. May we learn from the blessed life of Ali ibn Abi Talib and his family. Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah; all of his family and companions. Amin.


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