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Essentials of Quranic Arabic: Volume 1 Paperback (Masood Ranginwala)

Essentials of Quranic Arabic: Volume 1 Paperback (Masood Ranginwala)

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ISBN: 978-1257644988
Author: Masood Ranginwala
Publisher: (March 5; 2015)
Binding: Paperback Description from the publisher:

This 2-Volume Book Series is an attempt to guide those who want to understand the language of the Qur'an and read it with comprehension. This first volume guides the student in a step-wise progression to learn the fundamentals of Qur'anic grammar. The methodology of this book is different from others in that conversational Arabic and non-Qur'anic vocabulary are not emphasized. Instead; there is a keen focus on mastering key grammar principles alongside 'high-yield' Qur'anic vocabulary. Numerous examples are used from the Qur'an. This textbook (Volume 1) is also being used by Islamic Online University for its Diploma Course Series 'Introduction to Quranic Arabic'. Altogether; this will Insha Allah enable them to better understand and experience the Lofty and Majestic Words of Allah Almighty.


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