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Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Learner's Guide 1st Edition (Mohammad T. Alhawary)

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Learner's Guide 1st Edition (Mohammad T. Alhawary)

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ISBN: 978-1405155021
Author: Mohammad T. Alhawary
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (April 18; 2011)
Pages: 424 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar is comprehensive guide that introduces readers to the basic structure and grammar of the Arabic language. Its features include:Comprehensive coverage of Arabic grammar and structure in current standard use (MSA); from entry level to advanced proficiencyBalanced treatment of the phonological; syntactic; and morphological rules of the Arabic languageAn intuitive presentation of grammar rules and structures; in order of frequency and functional useStraightforward explanations with minimum linguistic jargon and terminology; explaining the key issuesPacked throughout with symbols; tables; diagrams; and illustrative examples; this book is essential reading for anyone in the early years of studying the language.

Review'A well-balanced comprehensive grammar book covering phonological; morphological and syntactic features of Arabic. Fresh material; comprehensive examples; and helpful Arabic-English comparisons that make learning Arabic grammar easy and straightforward.'—Hanada A. Al-Masri; Cornell University

'Unlike many books on Arabic grammar; Alhawary's deals with the grammatical topics in much more useful details. The sequence of presentation of the topics is nicely designed from the more basic and frequent to the less basic and frequent; using the communicative functions. This text will be of great help as a pedagogical guide of all the basic structures and grammar of the Arabic Language needed in the first 4-5 years of learning the language; i.e. from the novice to advanced levels.'—Adel Gamal; University of Arizona

'I consider this book a valuable addition to the few Arabic grammar books available in the field of Arabic language and linguistics. It is a concise Arabic grammar book that will be welcomed by students and teachers of Arabic because it includes a systematic presentation of key Arabic grammar topics combining intuitive modern and traditional approaches in describing and analyzing Arabic structures. It is an excellent source for use in Arabic grammar courses and also to complement Arabic textbooks used in Arabic language courses.'—Raji Rammuny; University of Michigan


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