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Mastering Arabic 1 Activity Book: Practice for Beginners (Jane Wightwick)

Mastering Arabic 1 Activity Book: Practice for Beginners (Jane Wightwick)

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ISBN: 9780781813396
Author: Jane Wightwick (Author); Mahmoud Gaafar
Publisher: Hippocrene Books; Second Edition (February 23; 2015)
Pages: 96 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This second edition of the Activity Book has been updated to match the changes in Mastering Arabic 1; 3rd edition (2015). The Mastering Arabic 1 Activity Book provides a wealth of practice material for all beginners who want to understand; speak; and read Modern Standard Arabic confidently.

The twenty practice units in this Activity Book mirror the twenty units in Mastering Arabic 1; 3rd edition; but this book also works well with any beginning Arabic courseIdeal for classroom use or self-studyIncludes over 100 carefully-paced; engaging; and varied activities to reinforce vocabulary and basic conceptsUser-friendly lessons filled with cartoons; graphics; games and lively exercises that cover everyday topics like family; jobs; school; eating and drinking; and morePlenty of reading and handwriting practiceAnswer key at the back of the book helps students measure their progress


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