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The Greatest Invocation for Forgiveness (Shaikh Abdul-Razzaq Abdul al-Muhsin al-Badr)

The Greatest Invocation for Forgiveness (Shaikh Abdul-Razzaq Abdul al-Muhsin al-Badr)

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ISBN: 9782987465409
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Razzaq Abdul al-Muhsin al-Badr
Publisher: Dar-Us-Sunnah
Pages: 96 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Allah the Most High; Said; 'Every soul will taste death...' [ Al-Anbiya (21): 35]The inevitable reality of death is greater than life itself; for life is something uncertain - onemay plan for the future; yet know not whether he will live long enough in order to achieve hishopes and ambitions - for the arrival of the Angel of Death may precede those very hopes. Theprudent one understands this great reality and prepares for its eventuality. Untold number ofhumanity has passed through the stages of death; and current generations will be replaced byfuture generations.

'The best of believers are those with best manners. And the smartest are those who rememberdeath often; and the astute are those who readily prepare it. Those are the smartest.' [Silsilatas-Sahihah; 1384]

Some of the scholars used to say; 'Those who often remember death; Allah honours themwith three: Their repentance is expedited; Their heart is given satisfaction and; Their worship isenergised. And those who forget remembering death are afflicted with three: Their repentanceis postponed; Their contentment is stripped and; Their worship is neglected.Therefore one of the finest aids in remembering and preparing for death is seeking forgivenessfor one's sins and shortcomings. Allah The Most High Said; 'Say; 'O My servants who havetransgressed against themselves; do not despair of the Mercy of Allah. Indeed; Allah forgivesall sins. Indeed; it is He who is the Forgiving; the Merciful.'' [Al-Zumar (39): 53]In the noble Prophetic guidance; the Messenger of Allah (saw) said the leading du'a (invocation)by which forgiveness should be sought is called 'Sayyid Al-Istighfar'. It is composed of specialwords with profound meanings; which the Prophet keenly taught his 'Ummah. He (saw) said;'Whoever reads it during the day with firm faith in it and dies on the same day before the evening;he will be from the people of Paradise. And whoever reads it at night with firm faith in it and diesbefore the morning; he will be from the people of Paradise.' [Al-Bukhari; 6306]Before you dear reader is a small contemporary work explaining the immense benefits of'Sayyid Al-Istighfar'.

It should be memorised by every Muslim and its meanings understoodand internalised for heightened impact and gain. The author (may Allah bless him) breaksdown the du'a; elucidating its beautiful composition correctly; and explaining the meaningof repentance; its importance and Allah's Love for those who turn to Him in true repentance.Beseeching Allah for forgiveness is amongst the greatest means in getting close to Him andattaining His Pleasure in this world and the Hereafter.


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