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Ideal Mother

Ideal Mother

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ISBN: 9788171016440
Author: Maulana Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed
Publisher: Durratun Hikmah (2011)
Pages: 328 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

This book deals with: the precautions a mother should take in pregnancy; the principles governing the spiritual nurturing of a child. A number of formulas for reforming the child and forging his mind upon Islamic principles; how this child can become a perfect Mu'min; how to determine the disposition of the child and accordingly kindle a spirit of obedience in him; how to nurture the seeds of Tauheed in his heart; how to engender the desire of becoming a Hafiz; `Alim and Dai; how to bring about the love of the parents in his heart and how the child can recognise the father's leadership and honour and many other such issues are dealt with in this book which can easily be brought into practice by the mother thereby making her a role model. We cherish a fervent hope upon Allah that the practical implementation of these principles will bring about a spiritually wholesome and peaceful society and every household may become a reflection of heavenly attributes. A comprehensive book outlining the principles of an Ideal Mother.


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