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Maya Gift Set 3-Piece Halal Breathable Nail Polish (with Decorative Display Box)

Maya Gift Set 3-Piece Halal Breathable Nail Polish (with Decorative Display Box)

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Maya Cosmetics

Product description:

Mix and match any six colors! Black gift box with velvety interior. Gold MAYA logo on front.

About Maya Halal Nail Polish


We are pleased to announce MAYA:

  • Has been tested and accredited by various health specialists as being healthier than other standard nail polishes.

  • Has been verified by PETA as being animal-free and vegan-friendly.

  • Has been certified by multiple scholars to be wudu-friendly; including:

    Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia (Chicago)
    Maulana Musa Sugapong (Cleveland)
    Mufti Hisham Dawood (Chicago)

  • Has been verified as 100% Halal.

  • Certifications are available upon request.

Our Story --

MAYA is the brainchild of a brilliant team of young innovators. We wanted a high-quality; long lasting nail polish that would be safe to use; wudu-friendly; & promote nail health. MAYA was created with this philosophy in mind.

  • Air/water breathability – more oxygen reaches the nail surface resulting in better conditioned & stronger nails.

  • Fast Drying – dries within minutes.

  • Long Lasting – far more durable than water-based breathable nail polish.

  • Minimal Chip.

  • Vibrant colors including glossy top coat and matte top coat resulting in a variety of combinations.

  • Free of commonly-used harmful ingredients such as toluene; formaldehyde; dibutyl phthalate (DBP); and camphor.

  • Physician-Approved.

  • PETA-Certified.

  • Free of prohibited alcohol; animal derivatives and animal testing.

  • 100% Halal Certified.

  • 100% USA Made.

Maya Wudu (Ablution) Directions:

Unlike other nail polishes in the market; there is no need to remove MAYA nail polish before making wudu. You may keep MAYA on for however many days you wish. Simply follow the below directions to ensure your wudu is preserved:

Apply one layer of MAYA nail polish and/or a layer of MAYA top coat; as you would with any other nail polish.Let dry.Each time you perform wudu; run nails under water and then rub gently for ten seconds.

The results: wudu-preserved and beautiful nails!


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