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Teacher's Manual Level 8 : Islamic Studies by Weekend Learning

Teacher's Manual Level 8 : Islamic Studies by Weekend Learning

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ISBN: none
Author: Weekend Learning
Publisher: Weekend Learning Publishers (2012)
Pages: 172 Binding: Spiral Bound

Description from the publisher:

Teachers who are using Islamic Studies Level 8 will find this manual immensely helpful. The Annotated Teacher's Edition is the same edition as the student textbook; but it provides additional details; answers and teaching tips.

  • Additional explanations of key concepts are provided; eliminating the need for further research.
  • Focus questions and anticipated student questions and answers are provided.
  • Additional ayat; meanings; and teaching ideas are incorporated.
  • Homework assignments and answers are included.
  • Additional question banks and answers are provided.
  • Ready-made exam questions and answers are included.
  • Each book includes a CD-ROM that contains PowerPoint slides and other teaching materials.

    Binding: Coil bound.

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