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An Index to the Qur'an (Harun Yahya)

An Index to the Qur'an (Harun Yahya)

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ISBN: 9789756426333
Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Global Publishing (October 2003)
Pages: 865 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

It is the most important duty of a true believer to understand the Qur'an and live by it. A believer has to know the Qur'an very well in order to be guided to the right way; to fulfill the commands of Allah completely; to revere Him properly and to evaluate all issues from the Qur'an's viewpoint.

In this index; similar subjects have been grouped together; and the words in the verses have been cataloged alphabetically to help the reader to learn the rulings of the Qur'an on a specific subject and to make research easier.

It is hoped that this study also helps those who aim to attain the good pleasure; mercy and Paradise of Allah by learning the Qur'an and living by it.


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