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God of Abraham (DVD) Zahir Ahmed
God of Abraham (DVD) Zahir AhmedGod of Abraham (DVD) Zahir Ahmed

God of Abraham (DVD) Zahir Ahmed

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Islamic Video Productions Inc. (2007)
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This unique documentary, narrated by Peter Mason, brings to light the glorious connections between Islam, Christainity and Islam. The stage is set in Ancient Egypt where great Messengers of God like Abraham, Jacob, Yusuf, & Moses [peace be upon them] declared the ONENESS of God [Allah] while the Egyptians were building Pyramids. Abraham's second wife Hajar or Hagar came from Egypt too. Her generations were the Arab Muslims. How interesting! The great Prophet of God, Muhammad [peace be upon him] was the direct descendent of Prophet Ismail [peace be upon him] who was the son of Prophet Abraham [peace be upon him] and Hagar. Israelis and Muslim Arabs are CO-BROTHERS in the family of Abraham. The GOD of Abraham is the same God of Moses. The God of Moses is the same God of Jesus Christ. The God of Prophet Muhammad is the same GOD of Abraham! It was the glorious companion of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him], AMRO BIN AL-US, who erected the flag of Islam in Egypt in 642AD and declared the ONENESS of God [Allah] finally. The UNIVERSALITY of Islam was established! One can see the MUMMY of the Pharaoh of Moses. What a sight!!! The music of Egypt is wonderful.

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This video documentary presents the glorious connections between the three great faiths..... Judaism, Christianity, & Islam.

Prophet Abraham [peace be upon him] declared the ONENESS of God even in a country like Egypt where worship of numerous gods had become the mark of the Civilization! Abraham's unconditional submission to the WILL of God has been praised in the Quran, Bible, and Torah. Prophet Abraham [peace be upon him] built KAABAH, in Mecca for the worship of ONE God 4000 years ago! Later, after centuries, this house of God [Allah] was filled with idols. About three thousand years after Abraham built the KAABA, Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] stood at the same KAABA and declared the ONENESS of God, the God of Abraham and purified the Kaaba from idols!

God [Allah] Blessed Abraham with a family who for generations to come gave numerous messengers of God like Issac, Ismail, Jacob, Yusuf [Joseph], Moses, David, Soloman, Jesus, and Muhammad [peace be upon them]. The God [Allah] of Muhammad [peace be upon him] is the same God Abraham, The God of Moses is the same as the God of Abraham. The God of Jesus is the same God as Abraham. The God of all prophets is the same TRUE GOD who is the God of Abraham. Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] is a direct descendant of Prophet Ismail [peace be upon him] who is the son of Abraham!

Prophet Jacob [Yaqub] was called Israel by an Angel. His twelve sons constitute the Twelve Jewish tribes of Israel. The Muslim Arabs are the CO-BROTHERS of the Israelis! They are all in the Family of Abraham.

O Allah, when will the brethren in the family of Abraham establish PEACE?????

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