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Islamic Monotheism vs. Trinity (Jalal Abualrub)

Islamic Monotheism vs. Trinity (Jalal Abualrub)

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ISBN: 9780985632656
Author: Jalal Abualrub; Alaa Mencke
Publisher: Madinah Publishers and Distributors (2012)
Pages: 112 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is a 112-page discussion between Jalal Abualrub and an evangelist on the core beliefs in Christianity and Islam; especially the difference between Trinity and Tau'heed; Allah's Islamic Monotheism. There are many interesting topics inside.

Islamic Monotheism vs. Trinity; The Islamic Kalimah; The First Commandment in the Words of Jesus; Status of Muhammad's Sunnah; They Are Not ‘Equivalents'; Many Literal Words of God; The 99 Names of Allah; Islamic Prayer Described; Shi`a vs. Mormons; The Christian Kalimah; Pure Monotheism; Why Not Adam; Heaven and Earth; ‘Ego Eimi'; Christians vs. Aramaic Bible; Western Encyclopedias on Trinity; The Islamic Faith in One Word; The Two Islamic Kalimat; Capital-Lettering; Simple But Powerful; Disappearance of God and the Holy Ghost; To Confound or not to Confound; that is a Confusing Question; Perfect-Harmony vs. Individualism; God's ‘Love' for Creation; The Changing God; Still a Mystery; Can 'Creed' be Confused with 'Law'; Christians vs. the Law of Moses; Inventing Religion in Progress; Is God a Community; Eternal Essence of God; Love Only Comes in Threes; Does God Need Creation; The More Gods the Better the Love Shared Between Them; Number of Allah's Names; Does God Feel Lonely; Is Allah Aware of Himself; Do Muslims Worship Two Gods; Is Human Speech a Separate Entity; Eternal Tablets; Is God a 'Despot'; “I Am Now as Before a Catholic and Will Always Remain So”; Multiple Gods vs. Cosmic Order; Number of Islamic Sects; Where is the List; Did Muhammad Contradict the Quran; Is Trinity in the Bible.

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