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Case of 60 English Qur'an Translations
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The Holy Quran with Color Coded Tajweed Rules Full-Size 7.5' x 9.5' Hardcover (IndoPak Persian Arabic Script)
Al Madina Dates (2 pound box) Imported from Saudi Arabia
The War Within Our Hearts : Struggles of the Muslim Youth (Habeeb Quadri & Sa'ad Quadri)
Standard Indian Pakistani Arabic Qur'an; with colors denoting the unique tajweed colors when reciting.
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Discount Price: $29.95
Known for their delicious flavor; natural sweetness and soft texture.
List Price: $14.95
Discount Price: $10.95
Addresses certain issues (alcohol, school, boys/girls, drugs, tv, money, music, parents, the web, etc.) faced by Muslim youth in the West, and provides a platform to begin a dialogue on these issues.
List Price: $11.95
Discount Price: $8.95
Prayers of the Pious (Omar Suleiman) Hardcover
The Beacon of Basra : Etiquette, Wisdom and Asceticism of Hasan Al Basri (Imam Ibn al-Jawzi)
Discipline: The Path To Spiritual Growth (Imam Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi)
30 short prayers taken from the Prophet Muhammad and his pious predecessors, brought together by an American Muslim making a difference.
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Discount Price: $9.85
Readers will no doubt be moved by Al-Hasan's scattered gems and be inspired to evaluate life's priorities and renew their own commitments.
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The inner fight against the self takes place in every human being daily, however only the sincere and powerful will do away with such impulses and attacks and will overcome the forces of desire
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The Refinement of Character (Imam Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi)
Curing the character and uncontrolled lust is of utmost importance in any individual’s life. For this reason it is imperative that the believer seeks to apply the teachings of our righteous predecessors, who were at the pinnacle of ethics and nobility.
List Price: $25.95
Discount Price: $21.95
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