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Case of 80 English Qur'an Translations
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A Glimpse into the Glorious Qur'an (Mazhar Kazi) BULK PACK OF 50 COPIES
At-Taharah : Purity And State Of Undefilement (Jamal A. Badawi) BULK PACK OF 50 COPIES
Marrakesh Style Islamic Gift Bag (12' width x 9.5' height x 4.5' depth) Burgundy BULK CASE OF 50 BAGS
Complete handbook on the Qur'an - Takes individual topics mentioned in the Qur'an; and lists very poignant direct Qur'anic verses on those topics.
List Price: $247.50
Discount Price: $39.00
Good discussion of Taharah; Najasah; Wudu; Ghuls; Tayammum; and more from a straightforward fiqhi standpoint
List Price: $147.50
Discount Price: $39.00
The giving of each gift bag symbolizes a revival of traditional islamic art through the celebration of our deen.
List Price: $200.00
Discount Price: $39.00
Muhammad in the Bible (Prof. Abdul-Ahad Dawud aka Reverend David Keldani) BULK PACK OF 40 COPIES
The Treasure at Bayan Bluffs (Farah Zaman) Ages 9 to 15 : BULK PACK OF 30 COPIES
Gender Equity In Islam : Basic Principles (Dr. Jamal Badawi) BULK PACK OF 50 COPIES
Contains a collection of papers critical of the Trinity belief and supports the one unity of God mentioned in the Old Testament and the Qur'an
List Price: $318.00
Discount Price: $59.00
Readers will be spellbound by this suspenseful and artfully crafted tale that keeps them guessing page after page.
List Price: $478.50
Discount Price: $69.00
Presents an overview of the status and rights of Muslim women as defined by the Qur'an and Sunnah.
List Price: $297.50
Discount Price: $59.00
When I Grow Up (Ediba Kezzeiz) Ages 5 to 7+ BULK PACK OF 40 COPIES
Islam : Basic Principles And Characteristics (Khurshid Ahmad) BULK PACK OF 50 COPIES
Islamic Children's Calendar : An Islamic Way to Live Each Day (Kids Calendar with Coloring) (ATP) Ages 3 to 6 BULK PACK OF 40 COPIES
In this coolorfully illustrated story a brother and sister discuss all of the things that they can be when they grow up.
List Price: $140.00
Discount Price: $49.00
Its formula for success and salvation is clear and brief: believe sincerely and adorn your life with righteous deeds ...
List Price: $197.50
Discount Price: $39.00
An effort to help provide an effective; entertaining means of educating our young children in Islamic behavior and character.
List Price: $158.00
Discount Price: $49.00
Non-Muslims in the Islamic Society : Revised Edition (Yusuf al-Qaradawi) BULK PACK OF 40 COPIES
Mosques Around the World Islamic Greeting Cards : Assorted Card Types BULK CASE OF 500 CARDS with ENVELOPES
Reading The Muslim Mind (Hassan Hathout) BULK CASE OF 20 COPIES
...He does not exhaust himself on the expositions of the doctrine: he goes beyond its theoretical formulation; and views the doctrine in its historical context over the centuries...
List Price: $276.00
Discount Price: $49.00
Popular Eid cards series; here offered in deep discount bulk pack!
List Price: $500.00
Discount Price: $29.00
A keen and lucid anatomy of Islamic life; written by a Muslim of the east and west.
List Price: $359.00
Discount Price: $59.00
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