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Tawheed and Shirk (Ibrahim Husain)

Tawheed and Shirk (Ibrahim Husain)

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ISBN: none
Author: (Ibrahim Husain
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House IIPH (1997)
Pages: 27 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:


The pristine essence of Islamic belief is expressed in the Arabic term Tawheed. For Muslims, this term represents the concept of Oneness in reference to Allah (God). This concept is supposedly common to all monotheistic religions but in nearly all of them it has been the arenas for discussion and debate on the Nature of God especially in His relationship to prophets, messengers, and for Jews, people. However, Islam stresses an absolutely uncompromising belief in the Oneness of Allah.

Ibrahim Hussain, working almost exclusively within the primary sources of Islam, presents in this book a succinct and profound statement concerning Tawheed and its antithesis, Shirk. He lucidly presents the subtle ways in which may surround the introduction of this concept and its practice are exposed as forces which can immobilize nations and negate the work of those warners raised from among us by Allah

It is necessary to understand both of these concepts because they are antithetical; they represent two extremes. It is important because Tawheed is so very basic to our understanding of existence while Shirk is the single most damning sin a human can express. And this book gains even more importance when the atheistic and materialistic basis of our so-called modern societies are considered.

Men are enslaved cy ideas and creeds more than they are by guns or chains. Many western raised and educated people are so profoundly involved in Shirk they have no consciousness of Tawheed. Because of Shirk’s matter-of-fact predominance in western and other non-Islamic societies, we must call its name to expose it wherever it exists and reaffirm our beliefs in the absolute Oneness of Allah.

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- Mukarram S, CA

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