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HomeChildren's Books & More Arabic Language Learning Flash Cards and Poster PacksWhat to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)
What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)
What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)

What to Say When … Fun Du'a Learning Card Pack (Ages 4+)

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ISBN: 9781905516124
Author: Learning Roots
Publisher: Learning Roots (2007)
Pages: 60 Binding: Glossy Paper Flashcards

Description from the publisher:

Protect Your Child By Connecting Them to Allah Do you ever wish that your child had a stronger connection with their Lord?

Do you want your child to be under Allah's protection?

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to ensure your child constantly remembers Allah. There are duas for all occasions and with What to Say When you can ensure your child is building a stronger bond between themselves and Allah whilst also enjoying themselves. Here’s how:

What to Say When contains everyday duas so that their learning practical and they get plenty of chances of practice the words throughout the day. Each dua is isolated on its own card in large text and broken down into small chunks making it easy for your child to memorise. Every dua is translated in English so your child can unlock the powerful meanings of these words. There are cute pictures illustrating each dua in action so that your child can visualise when and where the words wold be used. The cards are made from laminated card making them durable. There are 27 cards so that your child will have plenty to learn and kept busy doing good for a long while. The What to Say When cards can also be used in game play so your child can have fun learning the duas whilst also being able to independently track their own progress.

When used with Kiitab (sold separately) the duas can be read out, translated, and you can also play fun games with the cards that help to strengthen their memorisation and learn more about the virtues or wider context of the duas. The What to Say When has helped thousands of children across the globe familiarise themselves both the everyday duas and has also been used by many madrasahs to teach these powerful words to children.

To order your What to Say When, click the 'Add to Cart' button above. May you and your child always by protected by Allah.

Contents include 27 double-sided cards with full instructions. Each card contains a colourful illustration on one side and text (Arabic with English translation) on the other side. Each card has a smooth gloss laminate finish on both sides and measures 16cm by 10cm.

*Please note that Kiitab works with this new 2020 edition of What to Say When.. but not any previous editions of this product.
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