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Minhajul Quran : The Qur'anic Way (Dr. Burhan Ahmad Faruqi)
Minhajul Quran : The Qur'anic Way (Dr. Burhan Ahmad Faruqi)Minhajul Quran : The Qur'anic Way (Dr. Burhan Ahmad Faruqi)

Minhajul Quran : The Qur'anic Way (Dr. Burhan Ahmad Faruqi)

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ISBN: 9830652009
Author: Dr. Burhan Ahmad Faruqi (Muhammad Alamgir, translator)
Publisher: A. S. Noordeen (2005, 1426 AH)
Pages: 263 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From the back of the book:

Dr. Burhan Ahmad Faruqi the author of “The Quranic Way” (Minhajul Quran) was born in Amroha, India in 1906. He was educated at the Aligarh University where he received his PhD for his, widely acclaimed thesis on “Mujaddid’s Conception of Tawhid”. That thesis describes how in the days of the Mughal Emeror Akbar, Shaykh Ahmad of Sirhind popularly known as Mujaddid Alf Sani (Reformer of the Millennium) had to fight a battle on two fronts: one against the deviation of the Emperor from the orthodox teachings of Islam and the other against the misconceptions about wahdatul wujud (unity of existence) that was current among the majority of the Sufis. Dr. Faruqi’s thesis was published in 1940, and is internationally reputed as the best reference on the subject till today.

Dr. Faruqi played an active role in the movement for the independence of Muslims from the British rule. In 1944, under instructions from the Muslim leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he worked for the Education Committee for one year. He spent his life in teaching Philosophy and Islamic Studies in various Colleges and Universities, during which time he wrote many valuable books and articles addressing the Muslim youth to return to the Quranic programme of revolution. The current treatise Minhajul Quran contains its basic concepts and spells out the essence of his thoughts. He was fully aware of the negative influence of Modern Philosophy on the minds of the new generation of Muslim youth and intellectuals. He has shown in plain language the vain effort made by the different schools of Philosophy in a bid to arrive at the Truth. It must be asserted that anyone taking recourse to Philosophy cannot escape skepticism as its natural outcome. The need and reality of Revelation could only be appreciated once this fact is established and accepted.

A Muslim, according to Dr. Faruqi has a three-tier role to play in his life. As an individual his objective is to become a chosen man. Such individuals then qualify to create an ideal society, which provides a platform for a more cultured pursuit of life. The objective of such a society is to uphold its high standards for others to follow and to become a dominating influence in the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

The triumph of the Quranic Way lies in its resilience against all opposition, be it a temporary nuisance or a permanent hostility. Indeed there are times of great despair, but so long as the community produces Muslims of chosen character and conduct, and the ingredients of an ideal society are preserved from fatal damage, even the greatest enemies of this divine programme will eventually see the light of Truth that it radiates.

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- Mukarram S, CA

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