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Thus Taught the Prophets (Shaykh Salman al-Awdah)

Thus Taught the Prophets (Shaykh Salman al-Awdah)

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ISBN: 0953481018
Author: Shaykh Muhammad al-Abdah
Publisher: Al-Firdous Ltd. (January 1999)
Pages: 56 Binding: Paperback 5.75 x 8.25 x 0.25"

Description from the publisher:

The book: an outline of the true nature of the prophet's call, the method of their call, the obstacles they faced, and the fate that befell them. It is a concise preview of the surest path that the reformers today ought to take in tackling the most urgent issues.

The author:

SHAYKH SALMAN AL-AWDAH of Bani Khaled was born in 1955 in Al-Qasim province of Saudi Arabia to a reputable family. It rapidly became apparent to his teachers that he head been gifted with exceptional intelligence and he demonstrated this aptitude by obtaining his bachelors degree and then gaining Masters for his pioneering thesis The alienation of Islam from the Islamic University of Al-Qasim where he also worked as a lecturer.

Distinguished in Fiqh, Aqidah and the Arabic language, he also possesses diverse talents. He was renowned for his eloquence and for his vigor in confronting corruption with the truth. This gave the Shaykh a global appeal through his public lectures, booklets and best-seller audiotapes that demonstrated a deep understanding of Muslims, a critical analysis of their problems and the practical solutions to them. This made him notable amongst the pioneering group of younger scholars who called for comprehensive reform and renewal, and were truly the conscience of the Ummah. As a result of his widespread appeal to Muslims worldwide, his courage, his conviction of his Allah-given role as a Caller and his fearing none but Him, he was arrested on 13th September 1994, and up to the publication of this book he is still imprisoned without trial or charge!
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