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The Explanation of The 6 Fundamental Principles (Shaykh Saleh Ibn Fawzaan)

The Explanation of The 6 Fundamental Principles (Shaykh Saleh Ibn Fawzaan)

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ISBN: None
Author: Shaykh Saleh Ibn Fawzaan
Publisher: Masjid Daar us Sunnah (July 2013)
Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Decades of Da’wah by the author resulted - by the help of Allah, in the eradication of Shirk from the Arabian Peninsula. His Da’wah became widely accepted by the Muslims, his teachings are implemented and spread across nations and his propagation of the true Islamic creed has continued to spread across the world, up until it has reached in your hands today. Before you is ‘the Six Fundamental Principles’ written by Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. Though small in size, this mighty book contains numerous beneficial points pertaining to Tawheed, sincerity, unity, and a warning against Shirk. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to learn and understand these principles in orders to save himself and his family from falling into grave errors and misguidance.
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