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SalatBase (PC)
Salaat (Software CD) : The Islamic Prayer from A to Z (Salah)
Abu Saleh (CD) Arcade Game
Alefon Ba'on - Arabic For Beginners (Software CD)
Multi Madrasa (Software CD - Learn Arabic)
Islamica Architecture Photo CD
ArabicSP Arabic School Software CD : Interactive Multimedia Arabic Lessons for Beginners (PC CD ROM)
Al-Qari Plus (Software CD)
Ta'leem Wudu w'al Salah (Teaching Ablution and Prayer) CD-ROM and VCD (English, Arabic, French, and other languages)
Islamic Gallery (software CD) Harf
The Prophet Muhammed's Biography (pbuh) Part 2 ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
The Prophet Muhammed's Biography (pbuh) Part 1 ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
The Story of Prophet Salih and Prophet Hud, peace be upon them ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
The Story of Prophet Shu'aib, Ayyub, and Dhul-Kifl ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
Rashid and the Clock : Muslim Kids Encyclopedia ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
Prophets' Stories for Children : Set 1 (5 Software CD Boxed Set) English and Arabic (software CD) Harf
Nesa'a Sahabiat ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
Medicine and Medication in Islam : At Tibb wa'l Ta'lawee (software CD) ARABIC ONLY Harf
Al Kholafa'a al Rashedoon ARABIC ONLY (software CD) Harf
Learn Islam (software CD) Arabic, English and French : Harf
Selection of Hadiths (software CD) Arabic, English, and French : Harf
The Sahaba Encyclopedia (double software CD) Harf (2 CDs)
How to Pray (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Fatawa Ibn Taimiah (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Al Sirah Al Nabawiyah (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Journey to the Three Mosques (software CD) ARABIC ONLY (Harf)
Rashid in the World of the Qur'an (software CD) English (Harf)
Islamic Dictionary (software CD) Harf (Arabic / English / Malay / Indonesian / French Multi-Language) Software CD
Tahfizh Al-Qur'an 2.0 (software CD) Harf (Arabic / English / Malay / Indonesian / Turkish / German / French Multi-Language)
Hajj & Umrah 1.1 (software CD) Harf (Arabic / English / Malay / Indonesian / Turkish)
The History of Islam 1.0 (Software CD) Harf (ARABIC ONLY) (Tareekh al Islam)
Al Bayan 2.2 (software CD) Harf (Arabic / English / French / German / Turkish / Malay / Indonesian / Spanish)
Holy Qur'an v7.10 (software CD) Harf (Arabic / English / Malay / Indonesian)
Pioneers of Islamic Civilization (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Economic Fatwas (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Holy Qur'an MP3 CD Prof. Dr. Mohamed Aly Elmarsafy (CD-ROM, MP3) with Translation in 4 languages

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