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Life is an Open Secret : Think About It : 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences (Zabrina A. Bakar)
Life is an Open Secret : Think About It : 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences (Zabrina A. Bakar)Life is an Open Secret : Think About It : 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences (Zabrina A. Bakar)

Life is an Open Secret : Think About It : 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences (Zabrina A. Bakar)

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ISBN: 9789834353803
Author: Zabrina A. Bakar
Publisher: Wise Words Publishing (2007)
Pages: 173 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Abstract --

Life is an Open Secret is a book written with the beautiful and ancient art of storytelling. It represents the reality of life challenges faced by modern society across geographical, race, faith, gender and age boundaries. The author shared 19 stories aiming to tease the readers’ mind with a variety of mind-boggling questions to think and ponder upon. The stories are to inspire the Life is an Open Secret readers to ultimately reflect and change should need be according to the guidelines from Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These refreshing stories are inspirational, motivational, humorous and wittily crafted without losing any of its substance.

Press Release --

IS LIFE AN OPEN SECRET? – think about it

Life’s perspectives from a motivational columnist

Kuala Lumpur, July 17, 2007 – Time spent on motivating people and lending listening ears to friends who need it, combined with the interests in writing have triggered Zabrina A. Bakar to share her life’s perspective in her motivational book entitled ‘Life is an Open Secret’.

Zabrina A. Bakar or Sis Zabrina as she is known to her friends and followers of her blog and columns, started collecting stories and pen down her opinion and experiences in ‘Life is an Open Secret’, for a simple reason- to motivate and inspire others.

“Very ‘edutaining’! The way Sis Zabrina reaches out to your mind, heart and soul really captivates me. In this world of complexities, Sis Zabrina has managed to do one thing – SIMPLIFY and EDUCATE in an ENTERTAINING WAY!” commented Mike Handcock, Author, Bestseller ‘Can You Teach a Goat to Dance?’ and Inspirational Speaker of the Year 2006.

‘Life is an Open Secret’ is a collection of motivational and inspirational stories told in simple, chatty and conversational style; and yet its catchy way will inspire anyone who reads it. Sis Zabrina tells the stories in Life is an Open Secret with a refreshing approach by inviting her readers to think with her of lessons that they can derive by just observing their surroundings. The technique of the language used is simple, easy, straightforward and clear enough that even a young teenage student will not face much difficulty understanding the message she is conveying.

Being a Life Storyteller, Sis Zabrina writes on issues that are relevant in making a person’s life better. She touches issues ranging from personal matters like self-esteem, self-confidence to family and relationship issues like motherhood, siblings, sisterhood; to office working environment, and student’s life environment. It is a book for everyone regardless of the country, culture, faith, age group, occupation or gender.

It all started naturally during her school days, when she began writing short stories and poems which were later published in her school magazines. Her interests to write her own book began when her short stories which she posted on her blog ( beginning March 2006 started receiving favourable and encouraging feedbacks from readers worldwide. Currently her blog is being read by readers from 97 countries across the world.

A girl who leads an optimistic life, she grew up in a balanced environment where work and play is part of her daily schedule. Received her primary education in an English medium school and later went to a religious boarding school, her mind is as inquisitive as could be. With a background in B. Accounting and an MBA both from the International Islamic University, currently, she is at the final stages of completing her doctoral dissertation in Knowledge Management in Newcastle, Australia.

Having gone through many life challenges herself, her determination and her strong minded self complemented with a bubbly and charming personality – all this made her what she is today. Her alert mind and her caring heart plus her passion for writing are all portrayed through the lines of stories in her book. Having a sharp and keen eye is a bonus, allowing Sis Zabrina to critically analyse her surroundings. Despite discussing serious life issues, Sis Zabrina has penned down doses of witty and funny anecdotes in her stories without losing the substance of the subject matter. Her open mindedness has also allowed stories to present her views without any biased judgment.

The official launch of the book ‘Life is an Open Secret’ its book trailer and website will be held on 28th July 2007 (Saturday) at 3pm at Putra World Trade Centre during the International Islamic Fair 2007.

The book contains 18 secrets of life starting from Secret One – Love Your Mother, to Secret Eighteen – Trust Your Lord plus one bonus secret. Each story is developed from an incident that could have happen to anyone and Sis Zabrina has woven them with beautiful thoughts, verses, quotations and proverbs taken from all over the world until it becomes a beautiful piece that taps not only the heart but also the mind and soul of the readers.

Author's Bio --

Author's Bio

About the Author

Zabrina A. Bakar, also known as Sis Zabrina, is a motivational writer and columnist in both print and online media across the globe, whose work has appeared in the United States of America , Canada , the United Kingdom , Egypt and Brunei Darussalam. She has also contributed to anthologies published in the USA and the UK .

Although Zabrina has been writing since the age of seven, her professional writing career bloomed when she started blogging in March, 2006. From a humble beginning as an IT-challenged person, her blog now has visitors from over 97 countries, boasting readership from men and women of diverse ages, races, cultures and faiths.

Zabrina attributes her balanced view of life to her doting parents, who sent her to Bukit Bintang Girls School in Kuala Lumpur for her primary education before she joined Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Labu during her high school days. After that, she attended the International Islamic University Malaysia , where she obtained a Bachelor of Accountancy as well as an MBA. Currently, Zabrina is completing her Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where the focus of her studies is on knowledge management and storytelling.

With a bubbly and charming personality, Sis Zabrina is always excited and optimistic about life and has developed a sharp eye in looking at life challenges from fascinatingly unique perspectives.

The first of her new series of motivational books, Life is an Open Secret, contains 18 secrets of life that delight readers with stories aiming to trigger self-confidence, positive actions, and love for success in both our material and spiritual lives. An additional bonus story from Zabrina’s blog has also been included.

Sis Zabrina brilliantly blends issues from personal experiences with family, career and community with such elegance that readers are hooked from beginning to end. Her exceptional skill in tackling serious issues with mind-boggling questions and ability to state the obvious with wit and humor, all without losing the substance of the subject matter, has made Sis Zabrina’s motivational and inspirational stories well-received internationally, thus carrying the brand name of Life Storyteller.

She truly believes in the words of Inayat Khan below…

~ Words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels. ~

Reader Reviews --

Life is an Open Secret is especially useful for those who are at a loss when it comes to their destiny and what to expect in the future. Personally, as a grandfather who is seventy years old, I highly recommend that every home should keep a copy of this refreshing book as a reference to guide the young ones to ponder on the kind of life one should choose in this world of full of challenges.”

Naharudin Haji Ali (NABHA), MALAYSIA


Just when you need a real good shaking, Sister Zabrina wakes you up with hard-hitting stories that rock your world. Cleverly interwoven with verses from the Qur’an and sayings of the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), Life is an Open Secret is sure to touch even the hardest heart. Do you need some uplifting and a reality check? Check out Life is an Open Secret for your wake-up call!”


Director of An-Najm Publishers

The way Sis Zabrina reaches out to your mind, heart and soul really captivates me. Not many people are able to do this - to tap into one’s mind to set them thinking, accepting the thoughts shared, and educate us in unlimited ways – without thinking of the differences of faith one has! And all this is done in an entertaining way! Wonderful, Sis Zabrina…Life is an Open Secret is just edutaining!”

Mike Handcock, NEW ZEALAND

Author, Bestseller, Can You Teach a Goat to Dance

Life is an Open Secret will capture your heart and mind in this amazing collection of short stories. Never have I read stories that have influenced me and stayed in my mind like these inspirational treasures.


Published Poet

Life is an Open Secret is one of the greatest, one of those books meant to exercise the brain. On each page, you find something that makes you think, meditate and find a new light to brighten your life more and more, and, all throughout, you catch yourself smiling the widest and brightest smile ever! I really loved it, and I know you will, too.”

Asmaa Kadry, EGYPT

Author, First Impressions - How to win them all!

Although the stories are based on Zabrina’s own Muslim faith and contain passages from the teachings [of Islam], her stories reach far beyond the borders of division between one religion and another. We learn from these ‘ups and downs’ and how our own faith, and, in this anthology, the Muslim faith, helps sustain a person through the ‘downs,’ to give one the courage to seek guidance, peace, and understanding. Life is an Open Secret captures human instances of life we all share at one time or another. I highly recommend Life is an Open Secret if you are searching for inspiration.”

Lea Schizas, CANADA

Editor and Founder, Muse Writers Conference

These splendid and heartwarming tales are not only life affirming and faith affirming, but, through the use of many hadiths and Qur’an quotations to illuminate its stories, Life is an Open Secret also captures the beauty value of Islamic morals. Buy it, read it, read it to your children, and send it to a friend. It made me laugh and cry. Bravo!”


Author, Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel

Her works at times left me pondering over my life, other times giggling while a few minutes later in tears, while other times just appreciating all that I have. Her writing style is like that of the older sister advising her beloved siblings. Her words are like honey, sweet and healing. If anyone is in need of inspiration, Life is an Open Secret is the book you should have.”


Freelance Writer

Product Reviews for Life is an Open Secret : Think About It : 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences (Zabrina A. Bakar)

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