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Islam : The Divine Choice (Laohe Mahfooz Guild)
Islam : The Divine Choice (Laohe Mahfooz Guild)Islam : The Divine Choice (Laohe Mahfooz Guild)

Islam : The Divine Choice (Laohe Mahfooz Guild)

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ISBN: 0966725115
Author: Laohe Mahfooz Guild
Publisher: Laohe Mahfooz Guild
Pages: 143 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Book Description A fresh new invitation to an understanding of Islam and of the human desire for spiritual awareness, which evolved through Divine Guidance. The spiritual dimensions of Islam are outlined, providing provocative descriptions into the potentials of human spirit for a journey into the infinite and immensely rewarding realm of the Absolute Reality. The evolution of the human being's urge for recognition of the Divine Presence, is traced through out the ages in different lands over the earth as it manifests itself in various forms of worship up to the present day major religions. The essence of Islam is described in its spiritual purity, as a manifestation of the Divine Guidance, for all human beings, in all lands, and for all times. This book offers the idea that America may be the land in which Islam will be rediscovered in its simple and pure form, devoid of unjust, imaginary and misleading attributes. Discover Islam, the Divine Choice, the Guidance that all of the Prophets and Messengers of God have been conveying to mankind throughout the ages, but which mankind, through its intransigence and transgressions, has often ignored and forgotten. The pure Islam awaits the sincere traveler and seeker of Truth, to experience the love of God, who is indeed close to one and all.

About the Author The Laohe Mahfooz Guild is a religious and nonprofit organization committed to the single goal of preservation of the Qur'an and the Sunnah (tradition) of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), the Messenger of Allah (SWT). The members of the Guild have taken this responsibility only to please Allah (SWT) and not to seek any notoriety, fame or recognition in the community. The publications of the Guild are a collective effort of its members and are therefore, not attributable to one particular person. Each member of the Guild is a mature responsible person of accomplished levels of modern education (academic degrees). The Guild has absolutely no political aspirations nor does it solicit any membership dues. Sincere devotional commitment is a prerequisite for membership in the Guild. SAW - (salllalaho alayihi wa sallam: peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon him) SWT - (Subhanahoo wa Taala: the most praiseworthy Lord)

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