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Sufi Enneagram Spiritual Sign (Laleh Bakhtiar)

Sufi Enneagram Spiritual Sign (Laleh Bakhtiar)

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ISBN: 9781567447743
Author: Laleh Bakhtiar
Publisher: ABJAD Book Designers and Builders (2013)
Pages: 75 Binding: Paperback 6 x 9 x 0.25"

Description from the publisher:

While noting that each and every aspect of the universe is a Sign of God s Presence under God s universal guidance (takwini), and that there are also the Signs (ayat) of God s revelation which are called tashrii guidance like verses of the Quran, there are also Signs in the created art forms that are part of tradition those that contain the idea of Center and the idea of Origin. The art form particular to us in the context of moral healing is the Sign of God s Presence (wajhullah). As traditional art, it embodies the science of numbers, letters and geometry. It corresponds to the sciences of alchemy, astrology, cosmology and balance, traditional medicine and psychology and to traditional art and architecture.

We will learn of these correspondences as well as how the Sign of God s Presence is used in greater struggle to morally heal based on the model of traditional or monotheistic psychology.

In order to do this, we will look at the various components of the Sign of God s Presence in the macrocosm and the microcosmic self. Understanding the macrocosmic correspondence will take us through the concept of space as manifested in traditional architecture where we will also look at correspondences with the arts and sciences of traditional astrology, balance, cosmology, music, medicine and psychology. We will then explore the shape of the Sign of God s Presence and how it relates to the traditional sciences of architecture, numbers, geometry, and Arabic letters; the surface and color of the Sign of God s Presence and its correspondences with traditional architecture, the art of miniature and the concept of mirror; with the concept of matter and the Sign of God s Presence and how it corresponds with traditional medicine; and how all of these concepts in the Sign of God s Presence relate to traditional, monotheistic psychology looking at the dynamics of the system.

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