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Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)
Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)

Islam Today (S. Abul a'la Mawdudi)

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ISBN: None
Author: S. Abul a'la Mawdudi
Publisher: Abul-Qasim Publishing House (1993)
Pages: 46 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:


This thought-provoking thesis by S. Abul a'la Mawdudi although very brief, speaks volumes. This is an example of the writer’s supreme command over his powers of expression. He has squeezed full fourteen centuries of a people’s religious, social, political, martial, and cultural history into about half a score of pages, covering all the phases of its rise and grandeur, stagnation and degeneration and the struggle for freedom and survival, with a running commentary of the forces that have been acting and reacting, the currents and cross-currents, foreign impediments and internal set-back, and the future hopes and promises, of a nation that is spread over nearly half of the globe.

The pages that follow give very penetrating analysis of events and trends, thought and behavior, successes and failures of the Ummah. The assessment of the factors responsible for a people’s achievements and their decadence requires a rare discerning power, highly balanced approach, and a very high order of intellectual honesty and courage. And Mawdudi has a pen par excellence to do justice to the subject.

This brief recital encompasses everything that was worth taking notice of, and traces down all the forces that have been responsible for our decline, and enumerates future possibilities of our rise and the necessary conditions that assure the ultimate success. Never before our past and future was studied and analyzed in such a scientific manner. Never before the malady was pin-pointed so strikingly. This illuminating appraisal of our situation sends a ray of hope for all those who wish and endeavor for the revival of Islam. It is a beacon that glitters the way and opens vast vistas for the future.

We hope the message of the Islamic revolutionary will go on providing solace and warmth and stamina for the Millat, and will help steer forth its course in the light of the wisdom provided in these pages.

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