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HomedeletionsBlack Seeds 100 grams
Black Seeds 100 grams

Black Seeds 100 grams

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Product specifications: Black Seeds
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Nigella sativa seed is variously called Black cumin, fennel flower, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander, blackseed, black caraway, or black onion seed. Other names used, sometimes misleadingly, are onion seed and black sesame, both of which are similar-looking but unrelated. The seeds are frequently referred to as black cumin (as in Bengali kalo jira), but this is also used for a different spice, Bunium persicum. The scientific name is a derivative of Latin niger "black". In English-speaking countries with large immigrant populations, it is also variously known as kalonji, kezah Hebrew ???), chernushka (Russian), š÷rek otu (Turkish), habbat albarakah. How to Eat Black Seeds: 1) Black Seed Tea is very common in Egypt. Just boil the black seed and water, Keep it for 10 minutes, Strain and drink. 2) Black Seed bread is very common in Africa. Add 2 Tbsp of black seed in the dough and bake the bread. 3) Black seeds are very easy to sprout and germinate. Throw the seeds in soil. Water for few days and you will see beautiful shoots that will produce purple flowers. Micro greens can be added to salad. 4) Black seed can be used in salad. Just mix a 1 tsp of seeds in salad dressing or throw 1 or 2 tsp of seeds in salad. 5) Roast the Black seeds in a pan and munch them. Seeds are aromatic with slightly peppery taste. 6) Powder the black seeds in a spice blender and eat them with honey 7) Sprinkle the Black Seeds in your yogurt bowl. 8) Use them in curry with other spices.

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