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HomedeletionsSelection of Hadiths (software CD) Arabic, English, and French : Harf
Selection of Hadiths (software CD) Arabic, English, and French : Harf

Selection of Hadiths (software CD) Arabic, English, and French : Harf

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Harf Information Technology
Product specifications: Software CD
Item type: Software CD

Product description:

The program represents a new step towards presenting authentic Hadiths of the Prophet (peace be upon him), using multimedia technologies that Harf successfully utilized in serving the Prophet's Sunnah, the second source of Islamic Shari`ah. The program in all its content and interface is translated into English and French.

It includes the following features:

Full display of the books: Riyad Al-Salihin and Nuzhat Al-Muttaqin with diacritical marks

Display of lessons deduced from Hadiths

Hadith texts can be browsed through referring to chapter title, book title, or Hadith number.

A separate entry for Divine Hadiths

Display of a list of more than eighty chapters through which the user can access the related Hadiths

Display of the Forty Nawawi Hadiths with diacritical marks along with summaries and lessons deduced from Hadiths

Audio recording of the text of the Forty Nawawi Hadiths that enables the user to read Hadiths properly or memorize them

Provides free morphological search, using advanced search technologies and search options that cope with the patterns of Arabic words, on many levels: word level, word with affixes or on root level

The user can fine-tune search scope to include all Hadiths or the Divine Hadiths only

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