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HomedeletionsA Way of Life (audio nasheed CD) Zain Bhikha
A Way of Life (audio nasheed CD) Zain Bhikha

A Way of Life (audio nasheed CD) Zain Bhikha

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Zain Bhikha Studios
Product specifications: English, 45 minutes, audio CD
Item type: Audio Nasheed CD

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“A Way of Life” sparked the beginning of further independent album releases such as “Praise to the Prophet (P.B.U.H)” (1996), “Fortunate is He” (1997) and “The Journey” (1998).

Zain Bhikha’s songs proved to be popular throughout South Africa, especially with young children who found the songs educational and inspiring. As the interest in Zain’s music increased, his albums began to soon filter abroad, and as fate would have it, eventually came to the ears of World Renowned Muslim activist, Yusuf Islam, better known as Cat Stevens.

At the time, Yusuf Islam was working on a momentous project entitled “A is for Allah” and believed Zain could contribute by lending his voice to some of the songs. In 1999, Zain flew to the United Kingdom to join Yusuf Islam’s Mountain of Light Studios to begin recording. This opportunity was a lifelong dream for Zain. What was even more exciting was that he was given the chance to perform in seven of the eight songs on the album. It was during the production of this album that Zain was brought on board as an artist under Mountain of Light’s cultural label, “Jamal Records. With the backing of Jamal Records, Zain stretched his wings further through the worldwide release of two compilation albums incorporating all material he had done thus far. These albums were entitled “Children of Heaven” and “Towards the Light”, featuring a number of remixed songs.

Listen to a previous song of Zain's:

Song title
1- A Way of Life
2- 25 Prophets
3- When I Grow Up
4- Although I Never Saw His Face
5- Turn to Allah
6- Muslim School Anthem
7- Give Thanks to Allah
8- I Am A Muslim
9- Welcome O Ramadaan
10- Eid-un Sa'Eid
11- Salaamun Salaam
12- Which of Allah's Favours Can We Deny?
13- Forever
14- Spread The Word

15- A Way of LIfe
16- 25 Prophets
17- When I Grow Up
18- Although I Never Saw His Face
19- Turn to Allah
20- Give Thanks to Allah
21- I Am A Muslim
22- Eid-un Sa'Eid
23- Which of Allah's Favours Can We Deny?
24- Forever
25- Spread The Word

In 2009, marking fifteen years since his first independent debut album, “A Way of Life”, Zain released “1415”. Earmarked by Zain’s recognisable mellow tones and accompanied by only drums and choral echo, 1415 pays tribute to Zain’s beginnings and offers 12 emotionally driven tracks including ‘Mum and Dad’, ‘I Remember your Smile’ and the ‘Prophets Faithful Friend’. The album also features a fresh new approach to classic songs such as ‘Fortunate is He’. “1415” further includes collaborations with Abdul Malik of Native Deen, an Urdu classic duet with Dubai-based artist Hoosain, and the gripping song, ‘Freedom Will Come’ “1415” is a true tribute to the work of Zain Bhikha in its profound messages, quest for peace and remembrance of God.

Zain Bhikha Biography

Zain Bhikha has inspired fans the world over with his messages of hope and upliftment. As a singer, songwriter and through creative workshops and television, Zain is loved by young and old.

From the time that Zain recorded his first album in 1994, his experience as an artist has grown tremendously, increasing his exposure in his country of birth, South Africa, as well as globally. Zain remains a pioneer in the ‘Nasheed’ genre of music, where, as one of the first English Islamic singers, he opened the door for many other artists. His albums have been launched in many countries including the United Kingdom, North America, Malaysia, France, Turkey, Holland, India, The Middle East, and Australia. He has performed live in cities across most continents and has become a household name when it comes to spiritual music.

Over and above his individual endeavours, Zain has also collaborated with a long list of artists such as Dawud Wharnsby, Native Deen, Outlandish, Sami Yusuf, Raihaan, Khalid Belhrouzhi, Ahmed Bukhatir, Imad Rami, Ziryab, Khalil Ismail and not forgetting his mentor, Yusuf Islam. His songs are mainly self-written, driven by emotion and the need to reassure people that turning and submitting to the Almighty is the hope mankind needs for the core of our everyday questions and confusion. Many of his songs represent different times in his life and the lessons he has learnt through personal experience. Zain’s songs provide young and old with an alternative to mainstream music, carrying messages of faith and remembrance of God. His music promotes spiritual contemplation and encourages people to be proud of their beliefs, who they are and to work towards a better world.

Zain is extremely appreciative of the unconditional support he has always received from his parents and family over the years. He is proudly South African and having spent a short time in Dubai, Zain now lives with his wife, Zaheera and four sons in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Zain’s early years……
Zain Bhikha was born in 1974 in Pretoria, South Africa to Rashid and Mariam Bhikha. The only son, with three sisters, Zain was musically inclined from a young age and often commended for his melodious singing voice.

Zain did not receive any formal music training in his formative years but a natural inclination for writing and composing led him to what eventually changed the course of his life. In 1994, he entered and won a singing competition hosted by ‘702’- a local Johannesburg Radio Station. A simple song that he recorded on his home karaoke system, stood out amongst the thousands of mainly professional participants. After this great accomplishment, Zain was motivated to record a professional album. This materialized with “A Way of Life”, a compilation of basic Acapella Islamic songs, mostly in English, covering the various tenets of Faith. The album was released in South Africa in November of 1994, and received most favorably by an eager Muslim community.


Under the guidance of Mountain of Light and through the global distribution power of Jamal Records, Zain released “Faith” in 2001. The songs on this album deal with a broad spectrum of emotions from hardships to happiness, invoking a constant consciousness of the Almighty. The album also brought about collaborations between Zain and close friend and well-loved Canadian singer and songwriter, Dawud Wharnsby Ali.

Our World….

With his popularity rising and live performances around the globe, Zain Bhikha released “Our World” in 2002. This album is a portrayal of the diversity of mankind and the richness of all cultures, languages and traditions that are united through the Will of God. Zain’s eldest son, Rashid’s, melodic voice is introduced to us on this album. The title track of ‘Our World’ has been used by many production companies, for its universal prayer for a better world for all people, one free of prejudice and war.

Zain Bhikha Studios….

In 2005 Zain established a South African based production company called “Zain Bhikha Studios”. This company serves to house all of Zain’s present and future works in all fields; be it song, albums, educational projects through schools, workshops or theatre productions. Zain Bhikha Studio’s was also created with the intention of giving local and international artists the platform to gain exposure through Zain’s experience and resources in the industry.

Mountains of Makkah….

With the birth of his new company came the first album to be produced under the Zain Bhikha Studios label, “Mountains of Makkah” (2005). This album was inspired by Zain’s pilgrimage to Makkah in 2004. Both the content and composition of this album have been praised the world over for showing a maturity and a stronger definition of Zain’s unique voice. The lyrics are a reflection of his thoughts and feelings while partaking in this profound spiritual journey. “Mountains of Makkah” is still amongst the most popular Nasheed CD’S ever released.

Allah Knows….

Most of Zain’s songs are inspired, written and composed through personal experiences and feelings. This is especially true of the heartfelt lyrics that resonate throughout his album following “Mountains of Makkah”. “Allah Knows” was released in 2006 as a tribute to his eldest son, Rashid. It is dedicated to the journey of children into young adults and is an album for the young (and young at heart) “Allah Knows” features the musical talents of Dawud Wharnsby, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Rashid Bhikha, in addition to introducing Naadira Alli and Zain’s second-born, Muhammad Bhikha who made his recording debut on this album. The album is a collection of songs to help the youth through the early mysteries of life and the social challenges that present themselves to much of them. “Allah Knows” has been praised as a ground-breaking approach to tackling the questions of a youthful mind and the innocent hearts of our children.


In 2009, marking fifteen years since his first independent debut album, “A Way of Life”, Zain released “1415”. Earmarked by Zain’s recognisable mellow tones and accompanied by only drums and choral echo, 1415 pays tribute to Zain’s beginnings and offers 12 emotionally driven tracks including ‘Mum and Dad’, ‘I Remember your Smile’ and the ‘Prophets Faithful Friend’. The album also features a fresh new approach to classic songs such as ‘Fortunate is He’. “1415” further includes collaborations with Abdul Malik of Native Deen, an Urdu classic duet with Dubai-based artist Hoosain, and the gripping song, ‘Freedom Will Come’ “1415” is a true tribute to the work of Zain Bhikha in its profound messages, quest for peace and remembrance of God.

First We Need The Love …..
‘First we need the Love’ was written by Zain, together with internationally acclaimed artist Khalil Ismail. This powerful duet featuring Zain’s son, Rashid, is about making a difference through love, and sparking that change by beginning with yourself. In a unique audio and video release featuring another trademark song, ‘Who I am!’ the album, released in June 2010 has received positive reviews worldwide. Zain’s motivation for the song was in celebration of South Africa’s multi-cultural society and, as an Islamic artist, to lend support to the country’s hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In his own words, “in the littlest or grandest of ways, you can change the world, you can make it better!”

A Way Of Life ….
Throughout his career, Zain’s most loyal fans have remained young children. As a father of four boys, he is passionate about invoking a sense of pride and identity amongst Muslim Children. This, together with the request to re-release some of his earlier songs resulted in an album especially for children, but with definite appeal for the whole family. Aptly entitled, A Way of Life, the album captures the essence of Zain Bhikha, with traditional nasheeds that tug at the heartstrings and strengthen the resolve towards faith. Interestingly, the album, which features Zain in collaboration with young artists as well songs by his second-born, Muhammad Bhikha, has the same title as his first album released in 1994. Featuring tracks such as ‘A Way of Life’, ‘25 Prophets’, ‘Although I never saw his Face’, ‘Give thanks to Allah’, ‘Welcome ‘O Ramadaan’, ‘Salaamun Salaam’ and the ever-popular “Eid un Sa-Eid” this album is sure to remain a family favorite for years to come.

More than Song….
In 2009, Zain was included in the book “Top 500 Influential Muslims in the World”, proving how the artist, who started with a passion for song, has gone on to inspire Muslims across the globe with his melodies and messages of hope.

Zain has always been dedicated to the upliftment of young people. In 2008, he designed a special course aimed at teenagers wherein he motivates them to utilize their creative talents for the benefit of society and self. Entitled, “ The Art of Creative Expression” these ground breaking one-day workshops began in South Africa, with over 1000 attendees nationwide in the first month. Workshops have since been successfully conducted in London, in association with Dawud Wharnsby and the Redbridge Council, as well as Australia, Holland and India. Zain aims to take these workshops to countries throughout the world within the next few years.

In addition to producing music, Zain has also written and directed theatrical productions aimed at invoking a spiritually uplifting message. One of his many successful productions, “An Orphans Tale”, which he produced in conjunction with a South African School, was a great success and brought a full house for all three nights that it ran in October 2003.

An interest in television production and its influence as a medium for positive upliftment led to Zain’s collaboration with Peace T.V and Dawud Wharnsby on a series entitled “Living Islam with Zain and Dawud”. Zain was involved in the conceptualisation and scriptwriting of this 30 episode series, aimed at children between 3 and 10 years. Alive with song, humour and positive messages the series was indeed a milestone and the first of its kind for an Islamic audience. Despite its limited budget and teething problems, “Living Islam with Zain and Dawud” was well received by audiences throughout the Muslim World. So much so, that Peace T.V executives have already expressed interest in a follow-up series.

Moving Forward ….
Zain sees his return to South Africa in 2010 as an ideal time to pursue projects closer to home with especially with regards to youth programmes and charity work. He is currently working with local and international charity organisations, as well as writer and community activist, Lucy-Bushill Matthews to further his dedication to socially uplifting disadvantaged communities.

Over the past few years, Zain has also released many DVD’s of his songs. Initial videos were produced at the request of Television stations, but have now become as much a part of Zain Bhikha’s signature as his music. In December 2009 and early 2010 new videos were filmed in South Africa, featuring songs from the 1415 album. “Remember you Smile”, “Mum and Dad”, ‘Who I am’ (“1415”-2009) and Deen-il-Islam (“Allah Knows”-2006), all provide visual messages that are as heartwarming as the accompanying audio lyrics.

In 2009, Zain and fellow artist, Khaleel Ahmed, penned a wonderful song called “First we need the Love!” In 2010, this song was released together with an accompanying video that garnered great support from fans across the globe. In September 2010, coinciding with the release of the album “A Way of Life”, two further videos, ‘Eid-un- Sa’Eid’ and ‘Forever’ have also been produced.

Through the years, Zain Bhikha has been invited by a number of organisations to lend his voice to events promoting World Peace and Tolerance. In March 2010, he was honoured to be among a group of World Islamic leaders, scholars and philosophers, invited to attend the Dubai Peace International Convention aimed at global Unity through Peace.

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