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HomedeletionsPioneers of Islamic Civilization (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Pioneers of Islamic Civilization (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

Pioneers of Islamic Civilization (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

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A Comprehensive Reference of 200 Outstanding Muslim Scientists who Contributed to Islamic Civilization

The program aims at establishing the proper image of Muslim scholars and pinpointing their contributions to human civilization in general and Islamic civilization in particular. It also underlines and deepens the Muslim identity amidst fast changing concepts and ideologies.

Key Features:

The program presents 200 vanguard Muslim scholars whose world-acknowledged achievements and discoveries rectify many current misconceptions in history.

Branches of knowledge in which Muslim scholars proved their mastery are explained to prove the extent to which these contributions have influenced civilization.

The program highlights the heritage Muslim scholars have left for world civilization and which still draw the attention of Western scholars. It also mentions the scientific institutions that fostered these scholars' research and the cities in which they lived.

Scholars' full biographies and scientific history are given with a special focus on their distinct achievements in fields like mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, and astronomy.

Introduction to various branches of knowledge through 100 articles under various program topics. For example, under the topic of agronomy, articles are found about the soil, fertilizers, grafting, plant diseases and food preservation. Under the topic of pharmacology, you will find articles about anesthesia, antidotes, henna and perfumes.

The program divides Muslim scholars' contributions into six categories:

Inventions, including articles on medicine and surgical equipment, the compass and the clock.

Mathematical innovations such as net multiplication, magic squares and double error methodology.

Theories such as the theory of mercury and sulfur, numeration theory and species existence theory.

Discoveries such as blood circulation and certain Indian islands.

Experiments such as measuring the geosphere and attempts at flight.

Covers more than fifty references tackling these scholars' experiments and how Western scholars benefited from them. These textbooks include "Canon of Medicine" by Avicenna, "Algebra and Superposition" by Khawarizmi, "Agriculture" by Ibn Al-`Awwam, "Stratagems" by Ibn Mosa, "The Views" by Ibn Haitham and others. The original copies of these standard textbooks are still found in some Western libraries.

A special section is devoted to the introduction to scientific institutions in which these scholars either taught or were taught. The institutions are subcategorized into:

Universities like Al-Azhar, Al-Zaitunah, Al-Qaraweyien and Al-Mustansiriah.

Observatories like those of Samarqand and Maraghah.

Libraries like Bait Al-Hikmah, Dar Al-Hikmah and Cordoba.

Hospitals like Al-Adudi, Al-Nuri, Al-Nasiri and Al-Mansuri.

Mosques like the Sacred Mosque, the Prophet's Mosque and the Aqsa Mosque.

Deals with Islamic cities where these scholars were born, lived and carried out scientific experiments such as Baghdad, Cairo, Samarqand and Cordoba. The program traces the stages of the establishment of these cities, their development, peak, and historical sites both in ancient and modern times. Features more than three hundred pictures, manuscripts, video clips, animations serving the discoveries and achievements of Muslim scholars, along with pictures of important sites in every city.

Additional Features:

Text search utilizing advanced search engines.

Copying and printing facilities.

Auto display of all multimedia elements.

Ease of navigation through program sections via hyperlinks.

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