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HomedeletionsHow to Pray (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
How to Pray (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
How to Pray (software CD) ARABIC ONLYHow to Pray (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

How to Pray (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Harf Information Technology
Product specifications: Software CD
Item type: Software CD

Product description:

As an earnest endeavor to serve the Islamic Shari`ah, Harf has released the How to Pray program. With a multimedia-enhanced display, Muslims can now learn the rules of purification and Prayer and how both can be performed properly

Key Features:

Explains the rules related to purification and Prayer according to each of the Four Juristic Schools separately, with the possibility of comparing their contents.

Provides a visual display of the way purification and Prayer should be performed. Thus, learning Prayer has become not only an easy task but also a satisfying one. For the purpose of accuracy, the program's explanation of purification and Prayer has been verified according to Authentic Prophetic Hadiths.

Includes Al-Qurtubi's interpretation of the Qur'anic verses related to purification and Prayer, with the option of listening to them being recited.

Explains important topics on purification and Prayer. This section covers kinds of impurities, how to purify oneself and Ablution (acts, rulings, and nullifications) besides Ghusl (Ritual Bathing) and Tayammum (Dry Ablution).

Includes rulings, merits of Prayer, its time, requisites, nullifications, and disapproved acts. Furthermore, there is a detailed account of the Imamate (leading the Prayer), Funeral Prayer, Prayer of the excused and supererogatory Prayers including the Tahajjud, Witr, Istikharah, Feast, Istisqa', Tasabih and Tarawih.

Defines the Qiblah direction and tells the times of the five daily prayers in more than one thousand cities in the world.

Fully answers essential questions on purification and Prayer.

The information provided by the program is checked against the Qur'an and the Prophetic Sunna.

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