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HomedeletionsFatawa Ibn Taimiah (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Fatawa Ibn Taimiah (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

Fatawa Ibn Taimiah (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Harf Information Technology
Product specifications: Software CD
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Product description:

Due to his wide knowledge and sincerity in the cause of Islam, Imam Ibn Taimiah captures the hearts of all Muslims and is held in high status. Owing to its desire to present the heritage of this great scholar, Harf Information Technology has developed this program. The program provides Ibn Taimiah's views of the important issues and questions which were raised during his lifetime, and in which most Muslims remain interested until the present time. Covers thirty-five volumes (totaling more than 17,000 pages), 60 treatises, and two thousand Fatwas through which Ibn Taimiah provided legal opinions concerning many important issues. All resources are supplemented with the following features:

Displays the Fatwa text fully diacritized, classified according to references, parts and page numbers based on the edition of King Fahd Complex.

Provides a separate section to display books and treatises included in the complete Fatwas

Provides scholarly indexing of juristic items, making each of them a search item. The indexes include:

Evidence: lists Qur'anic verses, Prophetic Hadiths, sayings attributed to the Prophet's Companions, consensus among Muslim Jurists, analogy ... etc.

Question: includes topics on Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Faith, Exegesis, and Manners and Morals.

Prominent Figures: lists all men, women, jurists, places mentioned in the entire program.

References: includes references on Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, and Exegesis ... etc.

Scholarly Benefits: lists all poetic verses, proverbs, and aphorisms included in the program.

Different Search Methods

Juristic: through the previously mentioned indexes

Free Search: uses Morphological Analysis technology, enabling word or phrase-based search to find exact matches or matches with affixes. It also enables search for two phrases or two words, in addition to the possibility to search for parts of more than one phrase at the same time.

Thematic Search: uses a subject-tree subdivided into minor topics, totaling 27,000 juristic topics, covering all fields tackled by Ibn Taimiah in his Fatwas.

Fatwa-Based Search: searches the 2000 Fatwas delivered by Ibn Taimiah, with classification according to the Fatwa topic (whether related to Jurisprudence, its Principles or the Islamic Creed).

Integration of multiple search types, using the same search result screen.

Linking all Fatwas related to the same topic even if they occur in different locations in their respective references.

Text-Related Features

Displays questions and answers on the same screen.

Displays thematic analysis of the displayed text through highlighting the subtitles included under each topic.

Displays juristic analysis of the displayed text by presenting the subtitles included under each topic and highlighting them.

Enables the user to add a comment on the displayed section and gives the option to retrieve that section through the comments.

Provides the option of hiding or showing the diacritical marks of the entire text.

Refers the Qur'anic verses included in the text to their location in the Holy Qur'an.

Saves and prints search output and compares juristic issues on the same screen.

Provides statistics for all items of juristic analysis.

Allows the user to set special fields to function as search or display field.

Provides information on the works of Ibn Taimiah besides a concise account of his biography, including his early life, knowledge, and interests

Enables printing of text or copying it to any word processor.

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