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HomedeletionsEconomic Fatwas (software CD) ARABIC ONLY
Economic Fatwas (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

Economic Fatwas (software CD) ARABIC ONLY

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Provides Solutions to the Most Intricate Problems of Contemporary Economy

This program aims at providing solutions to the most intricate issues of contemporary economy, clarifying the Islamic judgments on these issues by authenticated legal bodies all over the Islamic world.

The prime importance of this product is that it represents Islamic dogma on both religious and worldly affairs. Islam is qualified to impact on practical life and provide proper solutions to its problems, just as it tackles spiritual and dogmatic affairs. Therefore, the program covers a vital area of a Muslim's life: economy. It helps the user organize his financial relations with others within the domain of Islamic principles and protects him against misleading current economic theories set by human beings without reference to the Qur'an or the Prophet's Traditions.

This program includes more than 1400 Fatwas issued by twenty-three Fatwa authorities including:

Complex of Islamic Jurisprudence at Jeddah

Complex of Islamic Jurisprudence at India

Council of the Juristic Complex at the Muslim World League

Zakah House of Kuwait

Kuwait Finance House

Fatwas Concluded by the First Zakah Conference, Kuwait

Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt

Islamic Bank of Qatar

First Conference of the Islamic Bank

Second Conference of the Islamic Bank

Third Conference of the Islamic Bank

The user can view each Fatwa (legal opinion) either by referring to the legal institution that delivered it (23 institutions), or using the multilevel Subject Tree (500 subjects).

Fatwas can also be accessed in alphabetical order, in the order of the questions they answer, or according to their subject.

Different Search Methods

Textual: uses advanced search technologies to search for words or phrases.

Thematic: searches the program contents using a subject tree of all economic topics such as:

Selling parts of the human body

Life insurance

Speculations on stock exchanges

Indexing of Qur'anic Verses

Indexing of Hadiths

Takhrij of Qur'anic Verses With recitation

Takhrij of Hadiths in the Nine Books

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