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Al-Qari Plus (Software CD)

Al-Qari Plus (Software CD)

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Product specifications: Software CD
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Product description:

he revolutionary Al-Qari program helps you learn how to read Arabic and recite the Quran right from your computer! Learning the Quran has never been this easy!!

Learn to Read and Recite the Quran from your Computer

Now with Entire Quran Al-Qari covers all the basics of reading Arabic in depth and then prepares you for mastering the authentic recitation of the Quran. And best of all, it's much easier than learning from books or tapes. It's like having a Qari in your own home!

There is no replacement for a good teacher. But if you don't have one available, Al-Qari is the easiest and the fastest way to learn the Quran. It is the interactive teacher of the Quran.

Al-Qari: Features:

Al-Qari is loaded with features which help all age groups and different levels to learn to read the Quranic Arabic and recite in proper way.

A Select List of Features & Screens:

Full Quran, recitation by Qari Abdul Basit in 44.1 kHz CD quality voice.

Extensive navigation features using any verse number, surah, juz, or page

Click on any verse or surah to recite

Option for repeat recitation of any verse for memorization

More than 70 Lessons and exercises

Arabic alphabets with sound in all shapes and forms

Combining sounds, joining letters and connecting words

Learning vowels in all their positions. 3 different exercises for each vowel to practice

Compare similar sounding letters with graphics, sounds and animation

All about Nunation, Sukun and Shaddah

Letters which become silent

Where to pause and stop

Substituting letters

Maddah in its different forms and lengths

Advanced levels for those who already know the basics

Short Surahs of Quran broken down in letters, words, and verses for easy understanding and memorization

Click on any word in short surahs to see the transliteration and translation.

Al-Qari: Benefits:

Alhamdu Lillah, with Al-Qari, the tradition of learning and teaching the Quran has entered the computer age.

Quran Learning in History: Through out the history, Masjid, maktab, and homes have been the places where billions of Muslims have learned the Quran in its language of revelation�Arabic, be it in Timbuktu in Africa, Sarajevo in Europe, Turpan in China, or Brisbane in Australia.

Muslims in America: North America is no different. Muslims in America also learn to read the Quran in Masjids and homes. However, they face a unique challenge. More than 90% of the Muslim children here are unable to attend any Masjid. Their parents either do not have enough time to teach or they themselves do not know how to read the Quran.

About 40% of Muslims in America are nonimmigrant Muslims. They also want to learn to read the Quran in Arabic. Even a large number of those Muslims who know how to read the Quran, would also like to be proficient in the art of recitation.

Goals of Al-Qari:

The Goals of Al-Qari program is as follows:

Make Quran learning as easy and as fast as possible. To teach how to read the Quran even if you do not know a single letter of Arabic. To teach how to recite the Quran in the best possible way. To teach the basics of the art of tajweed. Learning tajweed requires a good teacher. It may not be easy, however, to find such an expert. Al-Qari, although does not liberate you from the need of a good teacher, is a good substitute.

Al-Qari: The Customers:

SELF STUDY: It's fully interactive to engage even those with short attention span. It is loaded with the sounds of the master reciters so that one can depend upon it. It has exercises for self testing.

Absolutely fascinating experience for me and my children. Learnt quickly and easily the reading and recitation of Quran � Nargis Gonzalez, Riverside, CA

Al Qari is simply �Addictive� � Naseem Razvi, Atlanta, GA

TEACHING BY PARENTS & HOMESCHOOLERS: Al-Qari is used in many homes for teaching children Arabic alphabets and Quran reading. Al-Qari comes with a short guide for parents.

Did not find anything more ideal than Al Qari for my entire family... Della Abdullah, Sr. Clara Muhammad School, FL

CHILDREN LEARNING THEMSELVES: Bright colorful graphics, crystal clear sound, and 44.1kHz quality recitation along with 100% interactivity makes Al-Qari a choice program for children. It is a favorite gift item. Because of the adab of the Quran, Sound Vision has refused to use music and game like things in Al-Qari.

We know a 2 year old child who recognizes Al-Qari CD by face. He starts the home computer and puts Al-Qari CD in and clicks around learning Arabic alphabets.

My 6 year old has learned Quran all by himself with Al-Qari's help. When I took him to an Islamic school run by Arab Muslims, they were so impressed by the quality of his recitation that they entered him a class higher than his age. A unique product, indeed � Imtiaz Halepota, NY

SCHOOLS: Al-Qari is being used at several schools in North America. An affiliate of a Saudi Arabian University has also installed it on all of their computers in their language lab. If you would like to learn how other teachers are using it, please send an email to

I have seen children of 4 years and grown ups of 70 years old learning from Al Qari with equal ease � Ahmad Sakr, Author, Speaker and Scholar, CA

NEW MUSLIMS: New Muslims want to learn the Quran for her or his prayers. The challenge is how to learn a language which is completely alien. Al-Qari has helped a lots of them since it has no prerequisites.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) showed a one minute report about Al-Qari showing a new Muslim Satnam Mathora learning Arabic through Al-Qari. ..Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Al-Qari: Minimum Requirements:

>>>> This software runs on the latest operating systems (Windows 7, 10); only program compatibility settings may need to be adjusted. Some software users call and write us to ask for a "license key"; when the CD is inserted into the drive, a pop-up prompt "Please enter User License Name to continue" will appear. No license key is required; what is being requested here is the name of the person using the software (personalization), which then shows the same name on the subsequent splash screen. This program will not run on any Apple or Linux computer at all without creating a Virtual Machine, installing Windows on it, and running the Al-Qari CD-ROM from within the Windows Virtual Machine. Screenshot showing the software runs on Windows 10 64 bit: <<<<

Product Reviews for Al-Qari Plus (Software CD)

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- Mukarram S, CA

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